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Speaker section of the Big Four Bridge

Speaker section of the Big Four Bridge


Having trouble with your sensor unit?

Try these simple steps to get yours up and running again:

  1. take the unit out of the bottle and press the “reset” button. The unit will restart and the LED on the board will first be white, then flashing green, then flashing cyan. Once it connects to cellular it will be solid yellow. Once it connects to GPS it will be solid green and you’re ready to go.

  2. manually reset by unplugging the battery (silver and gold rectangular object with red and black wires) and plugging it back in. Look for the same LED sequence listed above.

Battery recharging

When in doubt, pull out the USB and charge the battery.

If you feel like the battery is draining fast, or the LED on the board never turns off, unplug the battery until next use.

Remember, if the battery is unplugged, it will not recharge.

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Pull the unit out of the bottle and make sure all your connections are tight. Many connections have been hot-glued to keep them secure. If anything is disconnected, carefully reconnect. Not sure where it goes? Email help@bikesense.net and be descriptive as possible in describing the problem. If you can, include an image.

It’s just not working!

If you’ve tried everything, and it still just isn’t working. We can arrange an exchange. Email help@bikesense.net and we will arrange a time and location to either fix what’s broken, or exchange for a new unit.**

**No new units are available right now, so please troubleshoot with the recommendations above. I’ll be in contact with you soon about unit availability.

Thank you for participating in Bike Sense Louisville as a Citizen Cyclist Volunteer! This project is only possible with your enthusiastic support. We appreciate your excitement and patience and we look forward to seeing you out there!

Click here to download a copy of the Participation Waiver PDF