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...about biking in Louisville.

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Bike Sense Louisville is a public art project centered around bicycle use in Louisville, Kentucky.

Temperature, air-quality and location data will be collected using small sensor units that attach to bicycles. The data collected will be interpreted into sound that will play on the Big Four Bridge, as well as visualized into useful maps on this website.

By collecting information about bike usage from volunteers, the city can make important changes to bike paths and routes.


HOW it works & WHY it is important

  • Sensor units will be given to selected Louisville cyclists that fill out a the above survey and agree to the proper use of the unit.

  • These sensors will measure location data, temperature, and car exhaust as they bike.

  • The data will be transferred over existing cellular networks, like a cell phone sends data using a SIM card.

  • The data will also be heard as sound that is streamed in real-time over the project website, and broadcast on the Big Four Bridge speakers.

  • At the end of the year-long project, this dataset of bike usage, weather and more will be open to the public and the city to use for improving bicycle infrastructure.



Phase 1 - Fall 2018

  • Outreach, Project Development & Beta Testing

Phase 2 - Summer 2019

  • Project Launch with 100 Citizen Cyclist Volunteers

Phase 3 - Summer 2020

  • Project Conclusion & Data Release


Bike sense louisville

This project is made possible through Louisville Metro's Commission on Public Art. It is a part of their ARTmovesLOUISVILLE public art projects. Funding was also made possible through the generous donations of many in the Fund for the Arts ArtsMatch program, and LG&E and KY Energy for their matching contribution.


Todd C. Smith

Todd is an artist from Louisville, Kentucky who makes work about our impact on our natural surroundings. He also strives to find positive uses for emerging technologies in an effort to reconnect our experiences with the land and each other. Check out his other projects at the link below.


David dressner

David is an electrical and hardware engineer currently living in Buffalo, New York. He’s a coding and tech genius and the wizard behind the curtain. He enjoys working on creative projects and is for hire.